The Best Choice for Environmentally-Friendly Wood Flooring with Various Product Collections

Wooden flooring is one of the important elements in the interior design of a house or building. Apart from providing beauty and luxury, wooden flooring also adds aesthetic and higher resale value to a property. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly type of wood flooring, ToucanEcoFloors can be your best choice. They offer various high-quality wood products, including floorings, parquetry, ceiling panels, decking, reclaimed, shou sugi ban, stairboards, and wall panels.

ToucanEcoFloors’ floorings offer various unique and exclusive types of high-quality wooden floors. Each type of wooden flooring has different patterns and designs that can be customized to your needs and preferences.

For parquetry or geometric patterns on the floor, ToucanEcoFloors also offers special types of wooden flooring. In this collection, they provide unique and exclusive designs that create an elegant and luxurious look in your room.

Aside from wooden flooring, ToucanEcoFloors also offers different types of wood for ceiling panels or ceilings. This collection includes various types of wood with different patterns and designs. Using wood on the ceiling panel gives a warm and natural impression in your room.

ToucanEcoFloors also offers wooden decking for outdoor areas such as terraces, balconies, or backyard. The types of wood offered are waterproof and weather-resistant, ensuring longevity outdoors.

For those who are looking for environmentally friendly wood with unique characteristics, ToucanEcoFloors also offers reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is recycled wood that has been transformed into new products. In this collection, ToucanEcoFloors offers various types of reclaimed wood with unique patterns and designs.

Shou sugi ban is a Japanese technique of burning wood, and ToucanEcoFloors offers shou sugi ban wood with unique and exotic designs. Using shou sugi ban wood provides a warm and natural impression in your room.

ToucanEcoFloors also offers wooden stairboards or stairs. In this collection, they provide various types of wood with elegant and attractive designs.

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