Q: What is the advantage of using wood floors?
A: Wood have been a choice of building materials because not only for its beauty, but also it is the only a sustainable natural resources on the planet. Just as essential, wood gives an ambience of warmth and life to the human touch, especially against the cold temperatures in any living space.

Q: What is the advantage of using timber flooring to carpets?
A: Unlike carpets, timber flooring does not harbor dust mites and molds that causes allergies and respiratory problems.

Q: How is ToucanEcoFloos compared to other brands?
A: We care. In our awareness to help fight global warming and the further deterioration of the quantity and quality of the planet’s biodiversity and ecosystem, ToucanEcoFloors strive to introduce plantation based and FSC certified wood floor collections to reduce pressure on the natural rainforests and resources.

Q: Where is ToucanEcoFloors made?
A: ToucanEcoFIoors is manufactured in an industrial town called Semarang located in Central Java, Indonesia.

Q: How does ToucanEcoFIoors source its timber materials?
A: ToucanEcoFloors strictly uses sustainably harvested wood from plantation forest managed by the Indonesian government enterprise, Perhutani, as well imports row materials from North America.

Q: What species of wood floors are available?
A: ToucanEcoFIoors offer commercial species such as White Oak, Teak, American Walnut, Glacial Maple, Indian Rosewood (Sonokeling), Hickory Pecan and American Cherry.

Q: What kind of finishes does ToucanEcoFloors offer?
A: ToucanEcoFloors offer a variety of finishes such as Custom Color, Patina Vintage, Rustic and Contemporary finishes.

Q: How many different types of coating types does ToucanEcofloors offer?
A: ToucanEcoFloors are available in both UV acrylic and natural oils.

Q: What are the typical solid flooring size specifications of ToucanEcoFloors?
A: (a). 15 X 90 X 450-1200mm (b.) 15 x 125 X 450-1200mm

Q: How many ToucanEcoFloors types of floors are available?
A: (a.)Strip Flooring (b.)Chevron (c.)Herringbone (d). Engineered Wide Planks (e). Castle Parquetry (f.) Decking

Q: What is the moisture content of the typical ToucanEcoFloors’ solid flooring?
A: The standard moisture content of the flooring is between 10-12%

Q: What is the recommended specification of profile of ToucanEcoFloors?
A: Tongue and Groove with a standard 0.3mm micro bevel edge.

Q: What is the advantage of using solid wood floors to engineered floors?
A: Solid wood floors usually offers a much longer age and wear life span as compared to standard engineered wood floors.

Q: What is the disadvantage of using solid wood floors to engineered floors?
A: Solid wood floors requires longer installation time for acclimatization process and higher maintenance as solid wood floors have higher tendencies of movement against temperature variation and moisture.

Q: What is the lifespan of solid wood floors?
A: With proper installation methods and care, solid wood floors can last over generations.

Q: ls it recommended to install solid wood floors in basement level?
A: No. Solid wood floors are only recommended for above grade level installation.

Q: Can solid wood floors be installed above other flooring coverings such as tile or vinyl ?
A: Yes, as long as the surface if a hard surface, secured well and level.

Q: Can solid wood floors be installed directly over concrete slab?
A: Limited to certain species and size specification. ln such case, the moisture content of the screed must not exceed 4% and the use of a moisture barrier or waterproofing membrane prior to installation is strongly recommended.

Q: What is ToucanEcoFloors’ product and quality assurance?
A: We offer a variety of premium quality local as well as imported species and manufactured with highest precision milling and finishing standards.

Q: What are the benefits of using ToucanEcoFloors’ prefinished floors?
A: Our prefinished floors offer the benefit of a variety of custom finishes and more durable UV acrylic coats done at our factory therefore eliminating the time consuming chore of sanding, finishing and curing on site.

Q: What is recommended installation system for solid hardwood floors?
A: The nail and glue down is highly recommended for best results. However, the glue down system can also be carefully considered with proper vapor barrier membrane on dry and level screed floors.

Q: Are solid wood floors stable in characteristics?
A: Yes. With the right application of production techniques and installation process, solid Wood floors is a choice of investment of building materials which express ageless beauty, stability and durability.

Q: How long is delivery time of ToucanEcoFloors’ prefinished floors?
A: Production lead time is between 6-8 weeks upon order confirmation. Custom order floors production lead time is between 10-12 weeks.

Q: What is the warranty on the ToucanEcoFloors’ wood flooring products?
A: Please revert to ToucanEcoFloors’ warranty manual.

Q: How do you find out different hardness of wood?
A: Janka Wood Hardness Rating is a good index how easy or difficult to hammer a nail into the wood.